What is your honest opinion of Halloween 3?

My honest opinion of “Halloween III: Season of the Witch” is that it’s a really good horror movie. Its detractors can rarely cite a reason for hating it so much other than “It didn’t have Michael Myers in it, it’s not a real “Halloween” movie!” While I don’t disagree that it should have simply been titled “Season of the Witch”, I choose to judge it based on its own merits as a film. It’s one that I’ve watched every Halloween night since first discovering it many years ago, and I probably love it more every time I watch it.

It’s also one of my favorite installments in the “Halloween” series, as many of the entries that followed were downright fucking horrible. “Halloween 4” is a genuinely good sequel and maybe even a little underrated. However, I find “Halloween 5” and “Halloween 6” to be downright fucking atrocious, as neither director of those respective sequels gave a shit about the franchise or its legacy whatsoever. “Halloween: Resurrection” was undoubtedly the worst of all, and neither of these three films are better than “Halloween III: Season of the Witch”, in my opinion. I will take Silver Shamrock’s murderous Halloween masks over the silly Thorn cult and Busta Rhymes karate chopping Michael Myers to his doom any day of the week - especially in October.

Forget that “Halloween III” is in the title; it isn’t hard to do since it’s drastically different from what came before and after it. Sit down, open your mind and judge it as a standalone film. You might enjoy it as much as I do!

Listen, if you’re bitching about Halloween decorations being in stores already, you need to shut the fuck up. Also, I hate you.

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"Halloween" (1978) | John Carpenter

Your blog is so good. I just fear that I'm gonna leave my laptop on over night and one of your posts are the first thing I look at in the morning and smash it haha! Intense yo!

I do that pretty much every morning… but it’s usually while I’m reading my Facebook news feed.

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Do you make gifs?:)

Why… yes. Yes I do. Thank you for noticing.

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Rest in Peace, Marilyn Burns

I am deeply saddened to learn about the passing of Marilyn Burns, best known for her role as Sally Hardesty in Tobe Hooper’s horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A true horror icon and one of the greatest scream queens to ever grace a screen. She will be missed.

Here’s the report from TMZ:

The heroine of the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” … Marilyn Burns was found dead today at her home in Texas… TMZ has learned.

Burns was found by a family member in Houston, according her rep … who adds they don’t know a cause of death yet.

Burns became a cult superstar after the release of the 1974 horror flick. Her character, Sally Hardesty, is the sole survivor of Leatherface’s bloody rampage.

Burns also had cameos in the 1994 and 2013 reboots … but didn’t act in a ton of other films. She did have a role in the 1976 TV movie “Helter Skelter.”

The Medical Examiner’s Office in Houston confirms they have Marilyn’s body … and an autopsy will be performed. 

She was 65 years old.

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