What is your all time favorite movie? And what is the most gory movie you've seen?


My all-time favorite horror movie is Psycho (likewise, my overall favorite movie of all-time is Vertigo). Not sure what I would consider to be ‘the’ goriest… but some of the goriest I’ve seen would be Zombi 2Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and BloodThe New York RipperThe BeyondCity of the Living Dead, Braindead (aka Dead Alive), The Gore Gore Girls and Wizard of Gore.

which movies u like better: nite of the living dead or dawn of the dead, halloween or friday the 13th, dead alive or return of the living dead, the exorcist or the shining, nitemare on elm or hellraiser, creepshow or tales from the crypt (movie), night of the demons or nite of the creeps, texas chainsaw masacre or psycho, zombi 2 or city of the living dead... grate blog luv it


1. Night of the Living Dead
2. Halloween
3. Return of the Living Dead
4. The Shining
5. A Nightmare on Elm St.
6. Creepshow
7. Night of the Demons
8. Psycho
9. Zombi 2

Horror Decor Presents “Horror Buddies” Pillows

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what do you think of eli roth basically making his own version of cannibal holocaust?


Here’s a boring answer: “I don’t know”. The trailers for The Green Inferno that have been released so far don’t feature any real ‘action shots’, though they definitely establish an unsettling atmosphere that has me interested seeing it on opening day. Is Cannibal Holocaust the type of film that I watch all the time? No, not at all. However, I do think that it’s one of the most horrifying experiences you can have with a movie, especially if you’re not accustomed to that level of realistic violence. It’s an important film, one that inspired a whole genre of “found footage” movies (for better or worse), and pushed the boundaries of realistic violence in cinema. 

The real question is how graphic a movie like this will be allowed to be. Political correctness has stifled many forms of media in America over the last few years, and it’s hard to believe that something like Cannibal Holocaust's forced abortion scene would pass by the censors in 2014. Not that Roth has to recreate that scene in particular—he doesn't—but these types of films are well-known for going way over the line in that manner. If he hasn’t been afforded that level of freedom, then a relatively sterilized version of this type of cannibal film could be disastrous. 

(Keep in mind that I haven’t read any of the early reviews or spoilers, as always.)

The Art of Daniel R. Horne

Daniel R. Horne has been making art professionally for the past thirty one  years.

From paperback covers and children’s books to gallery paintings and one of a kind art dolls, Daniel’s art is in many private collections from Hong Kong to New York City.

Daniel’s art has been featured in many of the genre’s leading magazines and has been honored to have his painting: ARCADIA on the cover of : SPECTRUM the best of fantastic art., The covers  for MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT, SCREEM MAGAZINE and a fine interview in make up artist magazine.

Daniel’s classic monster paintings are in the collection of DAVID and JAN HAFT, GUILLERMO DEL TORO, RICK BAKER, GREG NICOTERO .

No matter the medium, Daniel gives each and every one of his creations life and a history.


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Sick and immature? How dare you! I hope the next time you’re taking a piss you sneeze at the same time and blow your guts out of your asshole. 

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The Art of Mike Bell

Artist Mike Bell was born and raised at the Jersey Shore and currently lives in Northfield, New Jersey. Best known for his figurative paintings, Bell is an artist whose work is a juxtaposition of iconic pop culture subjects combined with modern day influences. He also creates painted objects, such as bowling pins and surfboards, as well as delightful palm-sized matchbook art depicting pop culture icons such as Mr. Peanut, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Hendrix, Frankenstein and Humphrey Bogart. Most of his work falls into the lowbrow genre. Lowbrow art is an underground visual art movement that originated in Los Angeles in the late 70s, a populist art movement with cultural roots related to underground comics, punk music, hot-rods and surf culture. The artwork usually displays a sense of humor. 

Bell attended The College of New Jersey where he received his degree in Advertising Design and minored in Illustration. He has exhibited his artwork in a number of galleries throughout the United States and internationally. Though his hometown of Atlantic City has eluded him for many years, Bell was recently invited to participate in an art project in Atlantic City where he created the first of 90 Art Boxes for the Atlantic City Arts Commission’s new Art Box Project. 

Mike Bell recently created a t-shirt line, and was featured in the newly published book Edgy Cute by Mark Batty Publishing, New York. He has been the Director of Design and Production at Masterminds for four years. Bell continues making art, always learning and improving his skills by taking chances and challenging himself to step outside of his comfort zone.